Cervelo P5 triathlon bike

By on January 1, 2013

Cervelo P5 triathlon bike, the latest Intelligent Bike of 2012/2013

The tagline of P5 – “Simply Faster”, expresses most of the intent behind this bike. Taking its tradition of tri/TT bikes one step further, P5 takes off where P4 left … and makes up for all the flak P4 picked. The P5 Magura brakes, the state-of-the-art aerobars and the aerodynamically built frame are all very much in line with Cervelo’s legacy, providing the best to professional and amateur athletes a like.

cervelo p5 frameset

Now let’s see all the features briefly, in order to understand what makes P5 unique.

The style frame of the P5 has been significantly improved. The overall design of the body of the bike is such that it allows each area of the bike to interact with the air flow under certain situations thus reducing overall drag. The BBright bottom bracket standard of Cervelo holds good here too, providing 100% housing to cables, bolstering the frame and providing a stiffer ride.

The bottom bracket has a hidden pocket where the rider can carry a Di2 battery saving excess drag and in case the bike is not equipped with Di2 it can be used for accessories or flat kits. The P5 can be set up with a 75 or 79 degree seat tube angle.

internals p5

Magura brakes which make for the first fully integrated hydraulic brake system in a tri/TT bike, prevents aerodynamic drag. It is designed for optimal aero performance and weighs much less than the cable systems. This gives the biker much greater and more precise control over braking force.

p5 magura brakesThe non-UCI version aerobars are being made by 3T. However, the wind tunnel testing has been done by Cervelo itself. The aerobar hides all the wires and cables thus reducing the drag significantly. In spite of the fact that the aerobars house the entire set of wires and cables, they are still pretty adjustable. The interchangeable arm rests and adjustable pads provide for rider comfort. The high point of all this innovation is that the bike frameset is compatible with practically everything in the market. The P5 aerodynamic frame can be fitted with any aerobar stem or stock brake or wheelset.

It is hard to find fault with this mean machine and the looks are simply amazing. Some experts have always found fault with Cervelo products’ durability claiming that they should pay as much attention to durability as they do to the aerodynamics technology. However the fact remains that Cervelo’s P5 has certainly pleased critics and TT/tri bikers alike.

Verdict: P5 is a dream bike for any biker and if you can afford to fork out some serious money ($6000-$10000), it will certainly show you its worth. Surely, the Cervelo P5 is a must have for any triathlete.


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